Canna Calc

A Cannabis Grower's Gardening Tool

Canna Calc is a secure cannabis plant tracker and grower software. It was designed by marijuana growers who understand a gardeners needs.

Canna Calc gives you all the important information at a glance and makes it quick and easy to track your plants through all stages. You can manage fotos, log every detail, even track your genetics, manage your watering cycle, and work offline. It can be your grow assistant from seed to harvest, and it keeps your information safe.
During the different phases of your grow our hint system will provide you with useful Cannabis gardening and processing knowledge. Advanced growers can choose to hide the basic information or all of it.
We employ strong client side encryption and your information never leaves your computer unencrypted. While it is conveniently stored in a central location, the data on our servers is useless without your password.